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While the Zen can't really compare to the iPod in terms of "ease of use", I wouldn't slag it too hard, it is a significant improvement over previous offering from Creative, and also over just about every other large capacity player (not that there are many of them).

What bothers me is how quickly many manufacturers drop FireWire in support of USB2, expecially when it is a company like Creative, that sells sound cards with FireWire ports on them and advertises that you can use the "SB1394"[1] port to connect your Nomad player to your computer.

USB2 is cheaper to implement yes, but FireWire makes a lot more sense in a lot of cases.

Also, the iPod comparison is a little off, but not totally innacurate. The Zen is a little thinner than the OLD iPods and a little thicker than the NEW iPods. It is both wider and longer though, and heavier. The iPod comes with the same accessories that the Zen does as well, and the author give the impression that the iPod doesn't come with those accessories at all [2].

[1]SB1394 is Creatives name for FireWire.
[2] I suppose if you are comparing the smallest iPod (10GB) to the Smallest Zen (20GB) then the iPod doesn't come with the same accessories, but when comparing similar size models (IE: 20GB Zen vs. 15 or 30 GB iPod) then it does come with the accessories.

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