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your thoughts

I am a long time enthusiast of Mac products and a year or two ago I got a fantastic HP laptop with Vista, its works great and I haven’t had a problem. Though after living around Mac’s for so long the temptation for converting over to a Mac is almost too much to bear . I have been looking at my options and I have narrowed down to the new 17” Mac book pro. With the new battery life and the applications for these computers I think that it’s a good choice. They immediate struggle is its $3000, the cost is not out of my range but I want to make sure I am making the right decision; I am going through a few blog sites and asking friends for their opinion in this matter.

Here are my questions for you, Mac specialist:

-I have one more year in high school, is it worth to get the computer now or wait till university for the next best thing?

-What else could be done to make the Mac so much better that I would want to get it? The battery power in the new 17” has been updated, the screen could be effected but with the new TV’s and projectors I don’t need a crazy amount of quality, in terms of ram and hard drives the tech now is good and while that can been improved even in a few years this tech will still be fast and strong.

-Applications can always be downloaded and new tech can always be learned, so what are your suggestions? Any tips on getting a deal? Are there new things to lookout for? I don’t want to spend a lot of cash but I want to enjoy it that’s why I am going with the ‘Mac book pro.’

Thanks for your input. Please answer directly and to your opinion, the less flattery for the Mac’s and more criticism the better.


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I'd wait until you were going to University. My daughter made do with her 17" iMac until she graduated highschool, and then we got her a 15" MBP.

The iPod specials usually start in June, but you'll want to have your student ID number from whichever University you'll be going to in order to get the Educational discount too.

You'll want to hold off on any software too if you can - the educational deals are really good.
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