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I wish to make a slideshow for a friend from a dog forum I am a member of who was sick.

Thought putting it on You Tube and sending her the link would be the best solution.

Is there a specific piece of software that you need to create the slideshow in or does it matter? I have keynote and I also have a pc program Pro Show Gold that
makes nice slideshows. I could create a power point one but want to use music.
I also have pages and iview media pro - but don't know if they support music.

Anyhow - does it matter what program I use to make the slideshow and how do
I post it? Your help is appreciated.


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YouTube will accept just about any movie file format, but I am pretty sure it will not take powerpoint or keynote slideshows (unless they were exported to Quicktime movies first).

Probably your best bet would be to do the slideshow up in iPhoto and then export it to iMovie (if you want to add titles and such). Then, export from iMovie as quicktime and then upload to YouTube. Keep it under 100MB and you're fine.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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