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Long Background:
I resisted moving beyond Snow Leopard but I am beginning to encounter apps which require the latest system upgrade. So I decided to check out Yosemite and installed it on a separate partition (keeping Snow Leopard & cloned back-up of course!)

Quirk 1: When I tried to select the Yosemite partition as the startup disc in System Preferences - it was not listed/shown. I managed to select the Yosemite partition by rebooting with the option key, and selecting it at start-up. Once in Yosemite, I poked around a bit, tried this and that and then reverted back to Snow Leopard. The Yosemite partition still does not show in the list of startup drives in System Preferences.

Quirk 2: Back in Snow Leopard I attempted to drag a file into the partition which contained Yosemite, only I was informed I did not have enough privileges!
I did eventually manage to gain access, but I thought it was odd as I was logged in an admin at the time. I have not seen this block since.

These quirks led me to read up on Yosemite and I encountered this problem.

From a discussion on the Apple Support Communities:

*“Disk Utility defaulted to Logical Volume Group format for new 4TB HDD and won't let me change to GUID. Is that a problem?”

“This is NOT a subtle problem. You can't do ANYTHING with it -- the drive is useless and you are stuck.”
“The problem is the new drive gets configured as a Logical Volume group.”

The problem as discussed on MacRumors:
10.8.4 Logial Volume Group - MacRumors Forums

From MacRumors: An explanation I don’t really follow!
Caution - Yosemite may screw up partitions. - Page 3 - MacRumors Forums

A slightly more understandable explanation
Undocumented CoreStorage Commands

My question to members here

Have you encountered this problem?

I have not seen any mention of it on this site, I wonder if only a unlucky few were affected.

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Bottom line - it sounds like your OS X Yosemite wasn't and isn't installed nor setup properly.

Maybe start over.

And BTY, of all those I know running OS X Snow Leopard, none are having problems. And sure, some software updates won't work but otherwise no problems.
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