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I have a pal who has a recent Mac laptop that he -sigh- updated to Big Sur.

His Yahoo! IMAP now only works 50% with Mail on his Mac.

He can receive, but he cannot send.

This has been a problem with Yahoo! IMAP for *years*. I always have found a way to make it work, but it looks like Big Sur is our final roadblock. Lots of threads in Apple Discussions on the matter. Naturally, Yahoo! Mail support has zero helpful info.

We've done the usual - attempted to edit the existing server settings (using Yahoo!'s own settings recommendations; deleted the IMAP mail server and recrecated; deleted and selected the "automatically manage settings"; checked the "Internet Accounts" settings in System Preferences (really useless); he is presently searching for a chicken and a Book of the Dead to move into some more arcane efforts of resolution.

So - before the blood flows, I'm throwing this out to the assembled experts of ehMac. Would prefer folks who actually use Yahoo! Mail (I know, I know - who does that?) and Big Sur. And/or have encountered and fixed this issue already.

Mucho TIA,

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