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Xbox360 NHL'08 League

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Anyone interested in playing in an online league? I've created a league named "ehMac" so if you care to join and are serious, then search for it on xbox live and lets play!
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I'm gonna join! :D Wait are you gonna be the Oilers tho?? :(
Yeah I think i already took the oil... sorry
I will own all of you with... Team Japan hahahahahaha.
You only allowed for 8 teams? Well I don't think it's too popular among the Mac users probably. Is the online thing PS3 compatible as well?

As much as I dislike Microsoft, there's two things they do right: Office and gaming. Mind you XBox has had its shares of hardware flaws but then again so has Apple.
Yeah I limited it to 8 teams just to see if there would be any interest. If things are slow then 8 will suffice. Who knows, maybe it will only be you and me that sign up?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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