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I remember reading about this dudes problems with the 12" PowerBook for the past while. Apple pissed him off with multiple subpar 12"ers which converted him back to Windows fairy land -- Sony Vaio Z1a. I can understand the crap he has gone through with Apple. My old iBook went through 3 hard drives totalling weeks of lost productivity and now my FW800 Power Mac -- from day one -- is annoying me with noise that Apple supposedly fixed. Apple stood up and helped my first problem by replacing the iBook completely, but the latter is still unresolved.

Who has had defects with their Macs or PCs out-of-the-box or down-the-line? Any DOAs? Any nasty lemons out there that seem to break down, fix after fix?

I know I've been negative of Apple lately :eek:, but it's STILL not enough to make me switch back to CRAP like this guy Randy did. Just have to MAKE Apple aware of their problems and MAKE them get on with solutions.
No half-assin.' :cool:
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