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WTF? "OpenDNS" label for links in ehMac?

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I just switched to the Safari Public Beta, which may or may not have anything to do with this.

I tried inserting a link to the homepage for Bean, a new word processor for OS X, in a thread here.

But when I inserted the code (properly), upon publishing the thread my link was replaced with "OpenDNS" and the URL was shortened to OpenDNS

It should be Bean: An OS X Word Processor

Hm. I wonder if this post will work.... otherwise, how the heck will you know what I'm talking about...?

Question: Is this a Safari issue, or the way ehMac's BB software formats links?

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the first (OpenDNS) link seems to be malformed "h t t p : / / bean /
Yeah, that's what I mean. I paste in the correct address but when it publishes to ehmac, it comes up as you indicated.

It's like the Links are auto-generating their labels from the site to which they link (the first two Versiontracker links) but the third gives that OpenDNS response, since the Bean web address is probably a Virtual Domain Name.

I'd imagine that it is showing OpenDNS because either you are is using OpenDNS to resolve DNS requests.

If OpenDNS can't resolve the domain, it sends you to a page titled "OpenDNS" with search results and a few ads, which is what happened to your malformed link of OpenDNS.
John, I get what you're saying - but here's the deal: the URL as pasted was correct. The 2nd one in my first post is the URL in question. It was copied-and-pasted, and I checked the syntax more than a few times... ;)

If it replicates again I'll see what I can do to better describe the effect.

It's happened to me too, quite a few times. No idea why.
It's happened to me as well, and it's annoying. :ptptptptp
It was copied-and-pasted, and I checked the syntax more than a few times...
OpenDNS is getting a 404 error on your links.

your links are messed up because the new Safari tries to retain the formatting from your word processor document, but the formatted text itself gets messed up when pasted to the clipboard.

the messed up formatting is not apparent until Safari converts the text to plain text when you hit the submit button.

if you run your text through a plain text editor (like textedit) you will see what i mean.

as a designer, i have to purge the copy our clients send us of all formatting by running it through a plain text editor, then spend time manually correcting all of the formatting garbage that word processors generate. (extra spaces between letters/words/between sentences, funny characters, etc etc etc.)

^^ hit the button marked in red to switch to the plain text editor.
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Hmmm. Ok. I'm copying-and-pasting the link from the Safari addressbar, so it should be plain text anyway, right? It's not being copied-and-pasted from any Word Processing document.

Regardless... I'll go back to the posting I made today to see if retyping it within the ehMac editor will fix it.

Thanks for the tip

EDIT: Nope. No-go. I retyped the URLs within ehMac, didn't fix it. I copied the post out into BBEdit, checked for invisible characters or other anomalies, no-go. To be sure, I copied it out of BBEdit and pasted into the EhMac editor, and the problem remains.

EDIT 2: Just re-edited the post with Firefox. Re-loaded each of the review pages in a separate FireFox window and cut-and-pasted the links from there. No difference. ehMac still reformats my links. But not all of them. Huh?

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