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Speaking as somone who owns both a 20" iMac G5 and a 20" iMac Intel 2.4 Alum (a little over 30 days old now) I can safely say that, at least for me, the upgrade has been a very good one.

Now I'm by far not a hardcore user, nor am I mac guru by any stretch of the imagination but I've thoroughly enjoyed my new iMac and it's added performance. The new screen has certainly taken some getting used to but I really enjoy it now, I for one see a really big difference in terms of performance with the intel chip and after getting my updatet to 10.5 Loepard has been super stable and a joy to work with on a daily basis.

The G5 is still plugging around wonderfuly mind you, for a 2 year old system that has never needed any service I'm still amazed at it's responsiveness and really couldn't be happier with my experience over all. But again that being said, I don't regret getting the new iMac in the least.

Thought I'd throw my thoughts out as a layman.
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