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Any opinions on this:

I have an original G5 imac, 20", custom order, works fine. I've been drooling over the 24" models since they came out. From playing with the newer alum imacs I think I prefer the non glossy screens of the recently discontinued white imacs.

Well, I've got a chunk of cash left from Christmas (I have generous in-laws) and I figure I could sell my present imac for a bit of coin, and together I'd be able to purchase one of those refurbished 24" white imacs, they seem a great deal at $1499.

Thing is, my present system works fine, and suits my needs. Absolutely no complains with it. On the other hand, it is getting old, Applecare has run out, so any repairs could be costly. And it still holds a bit of value now. So with very little outlay right now, I can get a great deal on an almost new imac, full warranty, with all the added features I don't presently have. Plus it has the intel chip, so I'd be getting away from the legacy G5 chip.

But again, my present system works just fine. It could crank away for years with no problems.

Any thoughs or advice would be helpful, especially if they help sway my wife into a new computer.
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