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I'm usually the first person to say "buy a newer computer," but I think I'll actually hold off this time. The iMacs are in mid-cycle, so by the time your current machine is more seriously in need of replacing there will be something even better (and possibly cheaper!) available.

In the meantime, though, I'd say buy yourself an adapter and second monitor if that option is available to you. That will quell your screen lust temporarily. :)

If that option is not available to you (can't recall if the original iMac G5 had video out), then perhaps yes, now's the time to sell while your "old" one is still in great working order.

Do be aware that you will also need to upgrade some apps, depending on what you use. I would strongly recommend NOT transferring any non-Apple programs you have on the old computer and just going with what Apple provides until you can update to the Universal versions. Take your documents, pictures, movies, etc with you of course, but leave the old programs behind and install Universal versions on the new machine.
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