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Hey all,

Well a good news, bad news scenario has come up for me and I look to the masses here at ehMac for some help on the matter. Recently, we just upgraded our network here at work to a D-Link DIR-655 Gigabit Wireless N Router. The router has specs to do Wireless B/G/N but for some reason there is a conflict when the mixed mode for B/G/N is enabled for those of us on the network who have Wireless B cards (and this is supposivly an issue that has been reported by some in other threads online). Now, because of this, those of us who have laptops that are on Wireless B have been offered by our employer to get a free upgrade to Wireless N, so that we can enable the Wireless N on the network and scrap the Wireless B (presently, we are running in B/G mode). Now, while that is all fine and dandy for those who are on the PC side, that has left me with a bit of a dillema for my Pismo G3 Powerbook (Firewire). Presently, I have the internal Wireless B Airport card that came stock with the Pismo 7 years ago running and I took a look online and have found nothing that could a)replace the Airport card internally or b) be inserted into the one external PCMCIA cardbus slot.

Obviously I would much rather go internal, but my gut says that with this old Pismo I am going to be stuck with an external (or even USB) solution, so anyone who can steer me in the right direction (and also towards a store in Toronto that would carry that model Wireless N adapter) is MUCH appreciated!

Thanx in advance...
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