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Windows Vista "plodding along"...

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Not sure if this should be in Anything Mac, so please feel free to move it if required. Just thought the following article on was interesting - I don't believe we will ever read something like this about OSX...
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I don't doubt that some people are having problems with Vista, but in all honesty, after a rough install, I haven't had a problem with it.

Everything I have plugged into it has worked including my printer, camcorder, two digital cameras and my external firewire hard drive. I have yet to have a program fail to work on it and I have installed quite a few games on it.

The drivers that install automatically when I plug something in have so far been superior to the default Windows XP drivers, especially the printer drivers.

Even those "iffy" Nvidia drivers are working great.

I have no complaints about Vista.
I have to agree. Vista has been problem free for me and it hasn't crashed on me yet.
I think there are some die hard Windows people out there that were snubbed by MS (Perillo of Lockergnome for example), and this is payback. Pretty childish when you think these same people defended XP and its bloat of patches for years.
I think people just dont like change. Most ranted and complained when XP came out too. I happen to like Vista (running the X64 version) and I remember when XP first came out, I went for it. Sure there will be some problems here and there but on the whole neither experience for me was painful in any way.

PS. The X64 version feels really responsive :)
XP has never failed me.

I just wanted to upgrade everything, and thought of getting the Mac since I'm a designer. I probably won't run Vista though, since I have no specific need for it.
I am having some issues but not because of Microsoft but rather because of the slow driver support from manufacturers. There is no urgency for some big manufacturers to address their issues it seems and it's getting quite frustrating. This OS has been out for some time now, I've had it for about a year, since Beta1 and I don't understand why still there are issues. I'm not even referring to really old hardware but rather newer products with online Vista drivers. EG. I have a nVidia 7300GS in my MCE machine - installed newest Vista drivers and yet stupid issues like loosing video signal during User switching still occurrs. Ton of posts around the net, a ton of compaints to nVidia but nothing yet in the form of bug fixes. However, funny enough, Vista in bootcamp on my MBP, runs perfect. Not one issue yet. Apple seems to write drivers better for Vista then big Windows platform mfg's.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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