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Will iLife08 ship with Leopard?

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I know my Mac came with two installation DVDs, containing both Max OS X Tiger and iLife 06. Will iLife 08 be included with the Leopard installation package? If so, I can wait. :)

And if its not included with Leopard, I bought my MacBook two weks ago (shipped here about 10 days ago), do you think Apple would send me a copy of iLife 08 free of charge since my Mac was bought so recently?

PS. Just loving the Mac-world!
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The Mac OS X operating system has never included the iLife suite. Your Mac came with both Mac OS X and iLife because both are included with any new Mac. However, buying the OS on its own, without a Mac, does not include iLife. Leopard will be no exception to this rule.

Second question -- no. Prepare to shill out the $79 for iLife '08.
iLife 08 is only $79 USD and CAD...
I think I saw a $10 up-to-date program if you bought a Mac recently, to upgrade to iLife '08. But the offer appears to have since been removed.

EDIT: I take that back. Here it is:

But only on machines purchased on or after August 7, 2007.
Hmm...yeah I saw that. I put my Mac's serial number and purchase date in there anyways and it said that my system qualified for the upgrade. Just completed the order now...

We'll see what happens when my credit card bill comes at the end of the month.
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