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I have an iMac from Christmas 2010. It originally came with Snow Leopard and I used my wifi no problem (it's a 2wire router).

Since Lion I've had wifi issues. As many people had similar sounding wifi issues I thought it would be eventually resolved by the various updates but now even with Mountain Lion I still have the same issues.

The issue is that the iMac won't remember the wifi connection when either rebooting or after sleep (wake from mouse/touchpad).

I have tried the following possible solutions:
Service Order (moving wifi to the top)
Creating a new location
Adding a DNS (this is Google)
Deleting the connection and re-adding it
Repairing disk permissions
Checking keychain for duplicates (*note, this initially worked but has since gone back to the original behaviour - there were 2 entries for the 2Wire router, I removed one and was able to wake from sleep until the computer rebooted then it went back to original behaviour - there is now only 1 entry)

Does anyone have anything further I should try? Basically I manually connect to the wifi every time I use my computer for 1 year (since Lion) which could be several times a day. I had looked forward to Mountain Lion fixing this but the issue seems to be much more pervasive.
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