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I have an iMac from Christmas 2010. It originally came with Snow Leopard and I used my wifi no problem (it's a 2wire router).

Since Lion I've had wifi issues. As many people had similar sounding wifi issues I thought it would be eventually resolved by the various updates but now even with Mountain Lion I still have the same issues.

The issue is that the iMac won't remember the wifi connection when either rebooting or after sleep (wake from mouse/touchpad).

I have tried the following possible solutions:
Service Order (moving wifi to the top)
Creating a new location
Adding a DNS (this is Google)
Deleting the connection and re-adding it
Repairing disk permissions
Checking keychain for duplicates (*note, this initially worked but has since gone back to the original behaviour - there were 2 entries for the 2Wire router, I removed one and was able to wake from sleep until the computer rebooted then it went back to original behaviour - there is now only 1 entry)

Does anyone have anything further I should try? Basically I manually connect to the wifi every time I use my computer for 1 year (since Lion) which could be several times a day. I had looked forward to Mountain Lion fixing this but the issue seems to be much more pervasive.

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I'd suggest from your info that your router is the possible problem.

An easy fix would be to purchase one of the new Apple Airport Express routers and set it up with Airport Utility, and use it and loose your existing router.

I'll bet that that will fix nearly all your problems. ;)

If not, download the appropriate Mac OS X COMBO Update and run it when booted up into Safe Boot Mode, do any and all Software Updates and restart normally.
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