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CAUTION, only download if you have 1.25ghz and 256mbs of ram or faster and a 32mb video card !!!

A nifty little easter egg on

1. Go to and choose High Bandwidth.

2. Click on the little yellow button on the far right of the navigation bar.

3. There's a small square next to where it says "Low Bandwidth." Click that twice.

4. Click the arrow to open the panel. Turn on the switches so the binary display shows 01101111. Click Enter.

5. Put A3B1A428 in the switches at the top. Click enter. (no I wont tell you the binary, its easy)

6. Choose your OS and download your prize!

Oh yes, other codes

01101111 - Access Panel 2
11101000 - Philosophy
11010100 - Animatrix Wallpaper
11101001 - Trinity Drawing
00011000 - Concept Illustrator Audio Clip
10110110 - Stunt Coordinator Audio Clip
10000001 - Classic Website
11011011 - Room QuickTime VR

CC883300 - Sample Code
098CA701 - Doorway Desktop
EC306071 - Kitchen QuickTime VR
F03350B1 - Art Department
0081CF5E - Visual Effects
D487A317 - Detective Story Preview
98765432 - Ultra-Sized Trailer Preview
A3B1A428 - 2nd Renaissance Preview
D53D49F9 - Unloco Video Clip
A8C3F9AD - Deftones Video Clip
43E17AC9 - Making of Pics
C1B49F13 - "Sleeping Awake" Lyrics
8D966F2A - P.O.D. Interview
64CF29E3 - "Sleeping Awake" Making of part I
19A642BF - "Sleeping Awake" Making of part II
25DB928F - Contest
A3B1A428 - Virtual Assembly Neb
8E217AC9 - (bf) Data Not Yet Compiled
F446A392 - Data Not Yet Compiled
38CA2FB1 - Data Not Yet Compiled

Works with Mac OS 9, X, and Windows.

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wow that site is cool.

By the way I have another (kind of) easter egg.

If you go see Matrix Reloaded in the theatres, stay in your seat until after the credits finish rolling. There is a preview for the next Matrix movie.

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The Virtual Nebuchadnezzer runs on a G4/450 w/ 32MB video card, but it does become choppy/chunky ater the 3rd stage of snapping together...

Neat how the "guns" fire and the lights go on and off with toggles in the "finished" version.


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