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Why won't my Powerbook g4 turn on???

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My Apple powerbook won't turn on. It was working perfectly fine not long ago, there was maybe a 1/2 hour between use, and it was off! I'm not sure what is wrong. I plugged it into charge while not in use. I don't know if the stats of the computer matter, but I'll post them, just to be sure.
Power book g4
1.25gb ram
100gb hard drive

I am leaving for vacation tomarrow, so I really need this thing to work.
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How much charge does your battery have left on it?

When my iBook wouldn't start it was due to the plug adapter not working. The computer was running on battery even though it was plugged in and when the battery died the whole computer was dead.

The plugs are troublesome at times. If there was a power spike it could cause the plug to not work. Sometimes leaving it unpluged for a few minutes will make the plug reset itself.

You could also try resetting the PMU

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