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Why THAT Avatar?

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I'm going bonkers trying to think of the name of the character in your Avatar.
...I was born and raised in Windsor, Ont, and grew up watching this guy and his scary movies - he was the host on the local Detroit channel for the "B" rated horror shows.

My Avatar is obviously very unoriginal, but cute and he is my son's hero...
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I found him, of course it was Sir Graves! Unfortunately, in I have now learned of his demise...

TV host Sir Graves is dead
For historical purposes,

Anyone care to identify my avatar?

Your avatar looks to me like Erika Sawajiri although I can't quite pinpoint the movie.

was I even close? :D
jmac: You're right on with Sir Graves Ghastly. He died just a few weeks ago.
However: Let's narrow it down--an actress in an Asian film? One of the Swordsmen movies?
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