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Why can't I scroll over certain ads?

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Does this happen to anyone else?
Specifically, on certain web pages, when I use the scroll wheel on my might mouse,
the scrolling "stops" when my pointer is over certain ads. Then I have to either move off the ad, or use the page down button, or grab the blue scroll bars to the right of the page. (this happens on the ehmac site) It can be really annoying, especially site that have lots of ads, and you're constantly getting "stuck" over an ad.
Is there any way around this, maybe an freeware that ignores the ads or something?
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Not sure. I have the same issue with the Google ads. Bleh. A fix would definitely be appreciated. I think the problem is an integrated part of the ad itself, though, and not a browser issue. But I could be wrong.
I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your question (except perhaps there may be some 'on mouseOver' code built in to the ad/page preventing this action), but I wanted to congratulate you on being perhaps the most reserved returning-participating ehMac forum member, with 5 posts since 2000. I bet no one else has been here longer, stayed, and posted less.

No need to answer this, of course... : )
I remember when I first signed up back in 2000, I think I was #40.

My middle name should be extreme lurker. Truth is, I almost always find the info I need just browsing around, it's a great site. Plus, my three preschool girls keep me quite busy. (well, my oldest has just stared grade one.)
I really should try to participate more.
Then again, maybe I'll wait, and post again in 2014 :)

On the ad problem, maybe some code that would have the scoll mouse work directly with the blue scroll bars, or something like that.
If I recall correctly, some sites place Google Ads in an inline frame (IFRAME) which might 'trap' the cursor. Another alternative might be that the ad is Flash-based.
I had similar problems which were fixed in the later/latest version of 10.4 ...notably on the NYTimes pages - the scrolling would stop.
It was one of the welcome "fixes".

You might try a different browser as well - Camino etc.

are you fully up to date on Tiger??
Happens to me on Googles Ads all the time. VERY annoying. Not worth switching from Safari for though LOL
It is because of the IFRAME tag if the ad is not Flash based. IFRAME essentially makes it a "window-within-a-window" type of scenario. When your mouse is over that ad the browser sort of treats it like its own window. If the ad was big enough it could also produce scroll bars. There is nothing inherently broken here, the system thinks that IFRAME is a window (which is technically correct) and traps mouse input there. Move away and move on.

For Flash based ads this is essentially the same thing. Flash based ads typically are interactive so the flash plugin grabs mouse input, so when you try to scroll with the scroll wheel it wont let you because the ad doesn't scroll. Moving away is all you can do.

Yep, I'll 3rd the iframe comments ... they want you to not be able to scroll past it easily.
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