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With its large, vibrant screen
Well, if 3.5 inches is considered large...well, I guess all of us are in for a great career in porn! ROTFL!!!

Talk about technology in search of a reason.

Cute though - dying to imagine the price...3700 US???


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Sometimes bigger isn't always better.

For example when I'm out and about on a long photo shoot with my digital camera I'll take my laptop along with me to empty my flash cards into, The idea of ridding myself of an anchor of a burden would be a definite relief.

I don't mind that the screen is so small, It's the idea of having a 30 gig hd with the itsy bitsy screen that would prove helpful. (Sort of like an image bank with a preview screen)
I don't think it'll cost $3700. u.s., More than likely it'll be in the under $750. Can. range.

My 2¢

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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