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Who knows how to use icns2icon?

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from another thread I asked how to fix my mail icon because it is shown as a PNG file and nothing, and i mean NOTHING will fix it, but one person told me to try icns2icon.
I downloaded it, and it doesn't seem to have anything showing up, no window, just the name on the top telling me the app is opened and running.
can someone please help me and tell me what exactly i have to do to get icns2icon working and to get my mail icon back to normal.
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Just drop the icns file on the icns2icon application. then get info on the icns file, copy the icon, and paste it on the get info icon of the destination file.

I copied that from a site Google found.
i did that, and now it just has a icns file as the icon now, it jsut changed from PNG to icns, the mail image isnt shown.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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