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Which Virus Checher should I get?

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Which Virus Checker should I get?

In preparation for my purchase of an iMac, I am wondering which virus checkers would you suggest I include with software additions?

Even though it appears that Macs don't get the number of viruses that PC's get, I would still like to be prepared.

I have seen a variety of products that are available such as:

1. ClamXac 1.0.7b - Freeware
2. MacScan 2.3.1 - Shareware
3. Norton Anit-Virus 10.1.2
4. Sophos Anti-Virus 4.8.8
5. Virus Barrier 10.4.3
6. VirusScan 8.5

If you do use a virus checker, what is your opinion of the product you are using?

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There are no, repeat NO, proven viruses for mac OSX in the wild. That having been said (over & over again), do NOT put any Norton products on your mac - they are more trouble than they are worth. ClamX is used by some to heklp identify & quarantine email carried virii, worms, trojans that can reside on your computer & potentially be spread via email to PCs (think I've got that right). I've been using macs since 1986, without virus protection, & have never had a virus. Period. Full Stop. Don't worry. Be happy.
AFAIK, the number of viruses that affect OS X is still zero.
Of the list you published I would definitely not get Norton - I used that years ago not knowing any better - not only did it not detect any viruses...I guess it couldn't because there are none, but it screwed up my Mac with the oddest symptoms that nobody could figure out.
After I trashed Norton, all these Mac problems magically disappeared.
Felixtrio said:
Which Virus Checher should I get?
I would look into a better spell checker first. :) ;)
ClamXav is more than sufficient. If / when a virus for Mac OS X is ever produced, you'll know far ahead of time - the internet will literally explode.

Stop researching into Mac virus protection programs - waste of time completely. ;)
ehMax said:
I would look into a better spell checker first. :) ;)
I thought you were supposed to see if you can find a spell checker for the ehMac site - what ever happened to that? :D :D
I have a magic rock that keeps viruses away from my computer, I'll let you have it for $5, and I've yet to see a virus so it must be doing something better than all those other software programs that just messes up your system.
Just so its said once.

While the Mac is pretty much a clean slate when it comes to malicious code, viruses, and spyware. If you intend on using a Windows variant via Bootcamp, you will be as susceptible to all that malware as any other PC. You will definitely need protection for any Windows partitions you may set up in the future.
The only reason to even consider anti-virus software is if you are using Windows via parallels or Bootcamp. In that case use the Windows version to protect your Windows partition. Other wise find a more productive way to spend your worry time.:D
None! Going on 6 years and no problems to report...
Twelve years and nothing. it's frankly not worth the CPU cycles and hassle unless you exchange Office files from PC users to oher PC users.

As for spell checking on this forum, folks, I just use OS X's spell checker on my posts.
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