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Where to go for *Rush* warranty service?

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A customer of mine recently bought a half dozen Mac Minis as part of a POS system to cover two retail stores... After a month of usage, one of the Mini's has lost its Ethernet port, knocking it out of service.

The reseller who sold them the minis bundled with the software is ignoring them, and they called Apple but were told it would take a few weeks to get the Mini looked at, due to the back to school rush.

Is there any retailer in the mississauga area who can do warranty service in a rush? This client is just as busy with back to school as everyone else but their mississauga store is down to one cash because the 2nd one is out of order.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not directly inside Mississauga, but I should be able to do a rush service for you if they can make a trip to Toronto. Send me a PM.
Thanks Lars! PM sent.
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