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Where to find WiebeTech external drives in Canada?

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Perhaps someone here has a line on where I can find WiebeTech ToughTech external hard drives, specifically, the ToughTech 400 250GB version. I've tried looking for Canadian resellers on WeibeTech' site but everyone I contacted did not have any. The only place I did manage to find them is from but they are back ordered.

Normally, I would just build them myself but a music producer we are working with has requested these drives. Want to make sure he gets want he wants....

Anyone have a lead where I can find 4 of these drives?

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I think I had already contacted them but sent them another email. Prices seems reasonable.

thanks However...
You can also buy direct from WiebeTech's site and ship to Canada. I have purchased a couple of their RAID towers direct before without problems.
We sell it here at Carbon.

Give me a call and I can help you out.


416-535-1999 x 282
You may not find them listed on most reseller's sites but pretty much any dealer can order it for you.

Looks like that one is special order but it should be about $ 215 or so based on last cost I have.
thanks everyone

Spoke to Jon at Carbon and looks like he'll be able to hook me up.

Appreciate all the help..what a wonderful community.

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