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Where to buy ram

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Does anybody have a positive (or negative) recommendation for an online or retail (in Toronto) location to buy ram from. I need a one gig stick of PC3200, unbuffered, nonparity, 184-pin, 400Mhz DDR SDRAM for a rev B imac G5.
Thanx in advance.
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Make sure you buy PC3200 RAM that is guaranteed iMac G5 compatible. The iMac G5 is the fussiest machine known to Macdom. A generic stick of ValueRAM from FutureShop is almost certain not to work.

There are two good dealers in the GTA that support, MacDoc and Carbon, and we at do too.

Just received 2 gigs from Trevor the other day, works great, fast shipping, well worth the piece of mind, and best price I could find this side of the boarder.
Carbon Computing and North Star would be the two that I would suggest.

Carbon offers free installation of RAM, with a lifetime warranty. I'm sure it's a similar situation at North Star.

If you feel comfortable installing RAM yourself, CanadaRAM is also a good option.
CanadaRAM is great
I say Canada Ram too ... made it easy for me to find what I needed, gave me options and arrived very quickly
I heart CanadaRAM! :D
I've nothing but good things to say about Trevor and CanadaRam. He's not in T.O., but the service is exceptional.
Give Trevor (CanadaRAM) a call and get a quote, and know that your quote is on a very good quality stick, that is known (not "believed to be") compatible with your machine, with solid support before, during and after the sale.

Although there are a lot of people who swear by generic PC memory there are also a lot of people who suffer from random crashes and general flaky behaviour. RAM can be the cause of those problems and it's very difficult to diagnose which means you just live with it. It's fairly clear that PPC Macs do not tolerate poor quality or intermittent fault (bad addresses) memory modules well.

Some people prefer to live with it, while I prefer to do all I can to eliminate RAM from the list of likely causes, and live without it.

So, even if you choose another vendor, be sure to do your homework and choose one that backs their memory products without hesitation.
CanadaRam has provided me with excellent service and product on several purchases!
I made a daytrip to Victoria to purchase some memory from CanadaRAM, highly recommended.
Has anyone tryed the Kingmax memory from Canada computers
there price for 1 gig is $64.99
And the Kingston 1 gig for the MBP is $72.00
thay say on there web site it is mac book pro compatable

Go to canada computers web site and check it out .
for some reason when i try to include the link there the message will not be excepted.
That looks almost to good to be true.
RAM is well down - we're at $199 for matched tested set of 1 gig and $299 for 2 gig for Core2 - tested.
We'll take some trades as well.
Never a better time to load up on RAM -

Even when I bump the MacPro from 4 to 8 the difference is noticeable.
Even when I bump the MacPro from 4 to 8 the difference is noticeable.
i bought from last week...had my ram in 2 business days. great prices...great response. w/d buy from again in heartbeat.
Geez... CanadaRam is getting awfully close to my price range on the 2GB stick for iMac Core 2...
Thanx all

Thanx for the response. Canada Ram was so highly recommended that I ordered from them and received my mail two days later. I must say I enjoy the absence of beach balls on my imac now.:clap:
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