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Where to buy Mac Accessories?

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I just got my Macbook + 30 GB iPod on Wednesday :D

So now I am looking for some accessories for the Macbook, like a sleeve/bag, etc.

What are some good Canadian retailers (online) that I can buy from? The local all "mac" store here is expensive. :(
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For "local", I'd say iSkin, which is based in Toronto and therefore delivery is super fast.

Unfortunately, many of the stores are not that cheap. However, I would recommend checking their respective eBay stores because items may be cheaper there.

For wristpads, I would suggest searching for "Marware" or "Macally Bookpad" on eBay, although those are not local.

I personally got my macbook cover from Isis Covers, who also have a cheaper eBay store.

Out of all of these, only iSkin is the most local. I'm sure other, experienced members here would have more suggestions though.
i purchased a sleeve from Booq bags located in Newmarket, ON.

Excellent quality, quick delivery.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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