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In Canada call your local Computers For Schools to donate CPUs and monitors/etc.

A used Mac (even a 68030 like a SE/30) makes an excellent controller for home automation, a flood/sewer backup/heat failure monitor, as a security system with modem support, or as a controller for X10 devices. Add-on hardware to interface ADB-based Macs with sensors or X10 controllers are readily available. Have it call your cellphone when it gets worried.

You can put the thing in the garage to store whatever handy things you might need (PDF manuals for your power tools, feeds & speeds for drilling metal, and hey, why not a security system?).

You can make it into a firewall (running UNIX or Linux); a mail/web/file server, a smart telephone answering machine, a Fax server, and I'm sure a few other things.

Most Macs of any vintage are more than fast enough if you don't ask it to act as a desktop too.

You just have to think beyond the box a bit.

Canada: Computers for Schools
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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