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blog = weB LOG. Web Log

This is a kind of online journal that is maintained by an individual and added to day by day or as the spirit moves. Quality varies from the ridiculous to the sublime.

"Bloggers" are aided and abetted by various brands of "Blogging Software" A Sherlock or Google search will turn up far more information on the topic than you can easily handle.

Blogs are just Web pages - you can read them with any Web browser. To keep up to date with a number of them, though, an RSS application makes it easy to "subscribe." Since the blogging and RSS phenomena have really taken hold since I stopped using OS 9, I only know about OS X solutions - for all I know, there may also be OS 9 apps.

The RSS reader I use myself is NetNewsWire Lite:

NetNewsWire Lite allows you to subscribe to as many blogs as you want - when the author adds something, the blog is highlighted in the list. You can also keep up with the news on lots of Web sites that have an RSS feed - an increasingly common feature. There's a handy list of available newsfeeds and blogs built into the program, or you can add your own. NetNewsWire Light is a Cocoa program - true native OS X - so it's not available in OS 9 or Windoze.

Cheers :-> Bill
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