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What is the web coming to?

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My hobby is beading, so I'm always on the lookout for new websites about beading. I also have a membership and follow anything tagged "beads"

Lately, for every page that is really about beads, there are 10 that look like blog pages, but really only exist so they can display Google Adsense blocks. The word "beads" appears many times on the page, but if you try to read the text, it's nonsense. There are sometimes pictures of beads, but if you click on one of them, it will take you to a similar page but a different topic - I just clicked on one and the page it took me to was about carpets - the text was nonsense, but the Google ads were for carpets.

Has anyone else noticed this? Seems like a scam to me. Make up a silly page, slap on some Google ads, don't have any real content so people will click on the ads and drive up your revenue.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I'm not making any money from Google adsense.

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winwin: I saw something like this recently at the very tale end of a Google search--about 20 pages of phoney blogs with just enough real sentences to make me puzzle over it for about 30 seconds.
I wonder if Google is aware of it. I'm debating about reporting, but maybe the sites are legit and Google doesn't care.

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