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What is going on with iMovie '08???

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I've managed to have the new iLife suite installed on my MacBook.
After spending hours battling with the new iMovie... i.e. learning the new movie library system, new interfaces..... I think I have pretty much managed to get iMovie going once again....
Well, this version of iMovie has a welcoming interface (the movie library), I say most people who is fresh to iMovie will like it better.
However.... the gut of the program is a disaster: NO THEME TEMPLATES, NO VIDEO EFFECTS, AND ONLY A HANDFUL OF BASIC TRANSITIONS. The sound adjustment is again, very limited to what you can do with the tracks (i.e. no control of the fade-ins and fade-outs, for me... this is like using the 1st iMovie program dating back 10 years ago...
I am in full support to Apple's many new concepts, however.. knowing that people like me who has been using iMovie for many years would definitely expect a program with a bit more flexibility and at least matching the iMovieHD's programming power.

Please share you experience with me re: iMovie '08...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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