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I was doing a search for some DVD emulation software
and found this page, But the emulation software that I wanted to try can't be downloaded, I keep getting an error.

I downloaded the rest of the stuff...But I'm not sure what to do with it, So I just filed it away on a C.D.

Here's the site...Sometimes it's available and
sometimes it's down.

DVD Software

I hope the stuff is legal.

Dave :cool:

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Far from the authority on this, but region free (a term that I only came across in DVD talks) means that it's not locked to any particular region (0 thru 7 around the world?) - meaning that you can take the DVD and play it overseas (or anywhere for that matter) and on any units too.

I know that you can change the region setting on a lap 3 times or so, before it locks up to the last one. :confused:

So w/o having looked at the link yet, I'm assuming that they'll create region free DVDs?? which is a good thing I guess...

Is this right? :confused: I tried.

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