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The blackout caught me off guard, My second drive,
Which was the standard drive that came with my
computer (A Western Digital) died, It just suddenly
decided not to load after the blackout.
I pulled it out today and found that it was just hot, It
wouldn't load anymore or show up on the desktop, I
tried everything possible.

I'll try again at a later date to see if it can be resurrected,
My Maxtor drive however is working wonderfully.


Dave :cool:

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A few months ago I bought a APC XS 1000 UPS at Costco...

I generally put my Mac to sleep and I was really worried because I work till 9pm and the power went out 4:10pm. I got home around 10:30 and to my surprise the UPS battery was still on...I brought the Mac out of sleep and shut it down, then I shut down the UPS. Waaaay :cool:

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a ups that provides automated shutdowns is the best way to go. apc has products that provide attached (usb) or network shutdowns. a power strategy and data backup strategy is necessary. you can find solutions that suit the level of insurance you want.

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Weird occurence here, and my machine wasn't on when the blackout hit.

I could receive but couldn't send mail. The Mozilla 1.4 smpt setting had changed to from — and the same change was made to the Mozilla 1.2 version I run in System 9.2.2 on another partition.

For this to occur in two System versions and on different partitions, points to the server making the changes and raises the question as to what else Sympatico — and other ISPs — can fiddle with. The settings would have had to change as soon as I connected.

I demand a royal commission.
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