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What Browser Do You Use?

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I'm just wondering what browser(s) people on the forum. I know of Camino, Safari, Firefox, Stainless, and Chrome.
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I use Safari, after all it came with my Mac, is fine tuned to run with my Mac and just works with my Mac. I've used it ever since inception and while I have had minor issues with some releases, none so big that they ever caused me to switch to a non Mac browser.
Safari 99% of the time, Firefox (usually the latest beta) about 1% and once in a blue moon, IE 8 (running under Parallels/Win 7) when I hit that impossibly badly coded site that only works with IE.

I have Click to Flash and AdBlock running.

For a long time, I used the nightly builds of Webkit as my primary browser. But now that we've got plugins etc. I'm sticking with the official Safari releases since I'm not sure what happens to the plug-ins when you're constantly updating the browser! Playing on the bleeding edge in browser-land was fun though... ;)
Sense I switched from Linux to mac I kept using Chrome but also use Safari some of the time. I find FireFox getting very bloated.
Camino 1.67 for 99%, Safari for the balance. Reason I started using Camino was when I first switched to OS X, Camino was the only browser that could import my Netscape bookmarks.

When Camino 2 rolled out I downloaded it, it worked like garbage & has one bug that is a deal breaker for me. Reverted to 1.67, more or less happy camper.
Firefox for most things and Chrome the odd time.
Safari exclusively. Can't let go of things like Ctrl-Cmd-D (for dictionary lookups), for example.

Used to be a Firefox user exclusively since I generally work on OS X, Linux, and Windows but I'm mostly Mac now so Safari it is!
Safari. Even though I have my complaints about the Spinning Beach-Ball of Death, I'm accepting my share of the blame, since I tend to run with 30+ tabs open at any given time... ;)

I keep FireFox around for the odd website that is coded for MSIE, which FireFox seems more forgiving of... I have Chrome on my HD, but have no idea why I keep it around. Also in there are Camino, Fluid, Flock, ...even MSIE 5.2.3 (thanks, SINC) when I want to see how crappy the Internet used to be.... Yes, I'm a bit of a hermit...
More safari users than I would have thought. I wonder whether the Mayor can post some stats on this site's traffic broken down by browser?
3 browsers;
Safari, Safari, and Safari.
Safari 99.9% because 99.9% of the time Safari works with the sites I visit.

Then, Firefox when Safari craps out on some site and MSIE via VMware Fusion when in Windows...but that I generally avoid, preferring to surf on OS X instead.
Sense I switched from Linux to mac I kept using Chrome but also use Safari some of the time. I find FireFox getting very bloated.
I would have posted the exact same thing.
I use Firefox only.

Chrome: SPyware...will not go near it.
Safari: Junk....IMHO Clunky.
Camino: Never heard of it
Camino here as well. Noticeably faster than other browsers especially with older gear and/or slow pitch cable. Better ad blocking as well.

Safari or Firefox for the very occasional site that Camino can't handle.
Safari about 80% of the time Chrome 19% and Firefox 1%, I switched from Firefox a couple years ago as it was getting rather bloated and the newer webkit based browsers blew it out of the water performance wise... This has changed as the beta of firefox 4 holds it's own in terms of performance but it has yet to give me a reason to switch back...
Another vote for Camino. It's my main browser, but I do use Firefox or Safari here and there for the occasional site. I tried Sunrise the other day and it seemed okay.
Safari, it came with my mac. While at work though I use IE because it came with my PC for work.
FireFox because of its customizability. I find Safari clunky by comparison. I like the fact that it is open source and there are literally thousands of plugins, addons even skins to tailor it to just the way I want it.

Its da bomb. Plus it has a cool icon. :D
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