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You know the tune.

I had been expounding on the desirability of a RAID in a G5 from early on as it's a natural given the small cost for huge gain.

Due to silly swaps I ended up for a while with a single drive and was thinking well you know it's not bad.

and THEN.......

I needed that single drive for somebody's RAID and a pair of 10k Raptors were beckoning from the drive storage :D

Stuffed them in after a bit of contretemps with the cloned system being recognised and :eek: :eek:

My personal G5 1.6 is now nicely nestled in at X bench amongst the 1.8s and duals for overall performance and I can sure tell.

Initially I started with a G5 and the Raptors and early Panther so I had no real reference but I realllllllly liked the new box and the new software as you are aware from my enthusiastic posts.
But I didn't really have a reference at that point to a stock box - it just all felt enormously fast.

Now after meandering through a dual G4 1.25 raided, then to a 1.8 then a 1.6 non RAIDed and finally back to the Raptors on my current 1.6 I'm blown away all over again.

You know it really is cheap thrills and with the drop in G5 prices you can easily put together a personal rocket for under $3k with twin Raptors.

Check the results on Xbench. Treat yourself to cheap thrills if you have or are getting a G5 of any flavour. :D

Hunt on Macdoc ;)

Simpliciter mirabilis :cool:

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how does one build a RAID? i've got a few HDD's here, all in enclosures through firewire. Can I make a RAID like that?


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Interesting-I just did a comparison with my upgraded Sawtooth(Gigabit):


I have two 120g Maxtors in the machine now-Jag & 9 on one, Panther on the other.
Would I get much more performance, that I can see, feel, by striping them?
I was thinking of taking 2x80g I have to make a raid just for the OS, main apps-Photoshop, Final Cut, Performer, etc.

I was also going to get a ATA-133 PCI card for the 120's, and use them mainly for media files. Also looked at the PCI raid cards-can I do a raid on one channel, and just run straight master/slave drives on the other?

Later will upgrade the box again with single 1.4 or Dual 1.4, etc. once the prices start to drop a bit more. Think Gigadesigns is coming with new Duals soon, which will give Powerlogix more competition on that front as well. I 've been playing with a friend's 1.6 G5 also-very nice machine, but for my purposes (non-professional on the above apps) my box is "almost" fast enough-Panther does speed up the finder, for sure.
(this Xbench run was with Radeon 8500, not Rage 128 Pro as in notes-though I've found the Rage 128 Pro and GeForce2 both bench higher than the 8500)
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