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Ever since I bought my 24 inch iMac, it has locked up randomly at least once a month.
This is one of those "I can't believe I missed it" things. OK, I had a brain freeze.

A few weeks later, I bought a 500G WD and installed the software.

Well, I never really knew about the crash logs in the root directory. I had always thought they were just in the user library. Today, the iMac just froze with a Spinning beachball. It requires a forced restart.

I found the crash logs in the root/library/crashlog folder. Every single one was entitled WDBMService_date. Now, I thought because every single one was titled the same, WDBMService must be the standard name for a crash log. Oops.

So, every-time my Mac froze, it was this single item. Duh.

So, get rid of it. Do it in terminal and type
sudo /usr/bin/uninstall-WDButtonManager
and then restart
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