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IF anyone is interested in Learning
about Interface design when it comes
to Electronic Devices and the Web.

The course teaches some of
the UI principles and uses
some apple software as case

Centennial College has a course that start May 8 2007
and runs once a week for 10 weeks.

I researched this area quite a bit and found
this course touches on alot of the knowledge
and skills employers look for. ie

User Centered Design
Usability Principles
Understanding Users
Content, Information,structure, and navigation
Design Layout and Human Factors
Heuristic Evaluation ( A method of problem solving using exploration and trial and error methods.)
Interface Design

Comparing it with the other colleges and
some University courses this one stood out.

IF anyone is interested please let me know.
I've signed up for the course along
with some other eh mac'ers:clap:
but I believe there is still room available.

here is the link to the course:

if anyone need any more questions answered just contact me

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Isn't it ironic that a posting about Web Interface and Usability is poorly formatted and it hard to read.
In actual fact studies show that people tend to only concentrate on the first 5 - 7 words on a web page so keeping your text and copy in short columns is most effective for making sure people ready everything.

Not too short though...;)
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