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Hi everyone,

For those of you in the KW area go check it out at First Avenue
I went today and was just joking around with my friend that they would have the G5 on display and they did!! WOW!!!! Very sexy machine.....super quiet.....I have never seen any PC that freaking clean on the inside with the wires etc....took the plastic cover off while running and the fans come on like in my previous thread, but the noise isn't the same like on the video. Less noise.

The antennas that come with the G5( extra ) for airport and bluetooth are approx 2 inches long or shorter and extremely SMALL. The pictures I saw earlier of the antennas make them look HUGE. The exact opposite actually. The electrical plugs are bigger then the antennas :D . I lifted up the G5 and the weight seems to be equal of the G4s or less. The G5 is huge though compared to my G4. I couldn't stop drooling, seeing the G5 in person is a must for anyone. Photos on the internet don't do it justice.

I also for the first time checked out the 17" Powerbook. Wow!! What a beauty!! I was almost affraid to touch it, it was that amazing to see in person. The screen is smooth and it looks incredible. However, I did notice when you moved around from side to side that the angle of view changes on the LCD showing dark in some areas. That could be annoying if you're away from your desk and trying to look over at your 17". This one was fully loaded with software that doesn't come with it :D darn!! Most things took at least 2 bounces or more. The app Live Type took 5 bounces or more on the 17" Powerbook to open. So, with all these apps loaded it was very difficult to get a good feel of the speed of this notebook. The keyboard is the best I have used on any notebook PC on the planet. As for heat issues, let me tell you, there are a lot of baby's born these days out there using notebooks :D . It gets warm but not burning hot to touch, you have to have extra sensitive skin in order to feel it too hot. The Illuminated keyboard was a bit tricky to test as there are lights everywhere in that store, BUT if you ask nicely there is a trick that we used today to see it :D

Oh I also learned that this store has not seen the 15" TiBook since January of this year. They actually have taken it off the price list and don't even advertise it anymore in the store. They also haven't seen a 12" or have a 12" Powerbook on display due to none available for quite some months. Can you believe it????? no 15"s since January??? Unbelievable. How does Apple sleep at night?

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