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Watching Hockey

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Hi All, I'm Rosie, and I have a confession to make. I'm just not that into hockey anymore.

It's a sad fact- one that I've spent may a night crying into my kiddie sized Leafs jersey over. (It's a relic from my childhood. Judge me if you please, but we are all young, and misguided at some point in our live.)


I remember simpler days when Saturday afternoons were spent preparing snacks. When names and stats were a part of my vocabulary. Heck, even a brief phase when my 15 year old self was convinced that I'd meet, fall in love with, and marry Sidney Crosby!

But alas, this lock out- the second in my life time- has all but killed my relationship with the sport. Don't get me wrong, I'll watch. I'll analyze plays, give my play-offs predictions, and- of course- I'm always down for a good old game of road hockey. But the magic is gone.


Maybe, I expected too much. Maybe I bought into the stylized representations fed to fans by the media. Maybe I believed these men were gods among us.


Curse you money! Why must you bring out the worst in people? Why couldn't the knowledge that I, and millions of others bond over games with our friends and family be enough?


I wish you well Dear, and I'll see you around.
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Hey at one time, I thought professional wrestling was real. We were all kids once, young and foolish!

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I lost my infatuation with hockey about the same time the Oilers won their fifth Stanley Cup. I still like it, sure, but there's a lot of other ways I spend my time now.
I thought this was the start of an HA meeting? :confused:

"Hi, my name is Rosie, and I'm a Hockeyolic."

"Hi Rosie!!!"

(Rosie, I gave up with expansion, the first. I'm somewhat older, having fallen for Tim Horton.)
The NHL does not even exist within my time frame.
The NHL does not even exist within my time frame.
I stopped watching hockey when I came out of the womb..

I just can not watch a sport that players beat each other to a pulp, then claim they are not making enough millions to do so..

Olympics is the only true sport for me..

instead, I have taken up the hobby of watching HBO boxing.. seems to be entertaining, where athletes actually do and say and get paid to do what they are supposed to do.. can you imagine that? huh?!?
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