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you still need a analog to firewire conversion device like the Dazzle hollywood or somehting similer
Then you get a program like this or BTV.
The program just gives you a viewing area from the firewire device. You then have to plug a video source into the firewire box.
You can use a digial video camera instaed of a conversion box, but I was only able to get the camera to work with BTV, without a pass through signal from a VCR(I wanted to use a VCR as a TV source )
BYV is a cool program but I couldnt get the pass through, maybe my camera doesnt support it.
Either way I think Im going to buy Eye TV
I just bought EsKape Labs MyTv, but it is very buggy and does not function properly in 10.2.5 or 4.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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