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As per the other threads on Warchalking:
Wi-Fi and You! July 04, 2002
Warchalking: Code for Free Wireless Networks July 22, 2002
warchalking in vancouver? August 19, 2002
Warchalking in Ottawa August 21, 2002

I cam across this:

Finding an unsecured wireless computer network in Canada should be as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately, at the moment it's akin to shooting fish in a barrel.

And if you have a wireless network at home, this affects you too. Read more here about what you should do to secure your network. For a typical home network, it’ll only take five minutes.

This site has lots of useful information and links. Take a few minutes to explore.

See a Map of DnTn T.O. Naked Access Points
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