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Wanted to reach out to those who might have some OLD Macintosh bits lying about. Same era as the one pictured. Looking for full computers, Apple compatible SCSI hard drives, external devices, keyboard, mouse CDs drives, old software, pretty much anything old mac (68k days)

Is it possible for there still a stash of these kicking about?

WISH LIST but not only:

SE/30 , and/or compatible parts/ PDS cards , ram and such
LC 475
IIfx (with removable ROM)
IIsi (with removable ROM)
Smaller Apple Keyboard II

I'm in Nova Scotia BTW

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I have a iisi with original box and all software to go with. Will have to check if it has removable rom. Box is missing styrofoam. I have keyboard and Mouse as well. Not sure if your still looking?

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