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I have an Epson WF-7520 wide-format printer/scanner that has been working hard and is starting to give me problems - doesn't recognize a replacement cartridge at times and the contact that determines if the paper tray is inserted properly has also become a bit touchy.

So I think it is time to replace this.

I need a wide-format printer & scanner that can handle at least 11 x 17 inch paper and also scan at least that size.
Fax, WiFi, card readers and things like that are not necassary, but I would like one that takes non-OEM ink without complaints.
Two paper trays are handy, so is a separate paper feed that can take very heavy paper, like 100 lbs.

Seems the only contenders are
1. Epson WF-7720 at $300.- list with a sale price of $200.- occasionally, or
2. HP Office Jet pro 7740 at $250.- right now at Staples.

I don't think Canon makes anything like that.

In the past, HP was not very Mac-friendly, but Epson can drive me up the wall with their "Can't recognize cartridge" problems even if you use Epson OEM cartridges.

Has anyone used the HP printer with a Mac?
What is their current compatibility?
Any other printers I should consider?

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Personally, I'm not a fan of an inkjet AIO.

I use a B/W Laser MFC for document printing and scanning.
I have an Epson Artisan 1430 for colour printing, especially 13 x 19.

If you don't need to scan 11x17 and bigger might make sense for you too..

I have been eyeing the new XP-15000 which has 3rd party bulk ink and compatible cartridge support. I bought the bulk ink system for my 1430 but never installed it. Been using higher capacity 3rd party cartridges which seem to last pretty long...

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I'm not a fan of an ink jet AIO either but I don't really see any alternatives, at least for my use.

I do about as much scanning as printing - scanning often to create pdf files I either upload to a website or send to people and I often need to scan a double 8 1/2 x 11 inch page.
As to printing, I have often thought of getting a laser printer but I would need a colour laser since most of my printing requires printing coloured text in parts of the document.
The option I would use the least is printing 11 x 17 or 13 x 19 size paper allthough I needed to do that a few times.
But on those occasions I could have probably done that at Staples.

What I don't use at all in an AIO is the fax capability and the wireless capability.

Right now my printer is working again.
The cartridge recognition problem seems to have been the cartridge itself - a new one worked just fine - and I also just found a possible, very easily fixable problem, for the tray issue.
So if the tray issue can be resolved, I will stuick with what I have for now.

I hate to think what happens to my existing printer if I get rid of it.
Does it just end up in the landfill?
I take these electronics to a recycling place, but I'm still wondering what they do - if they actually recycle anything.
Seems rather difficult to separate all the different materials in something like a printer.
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