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Vox amp users?

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I thought Id check here and see if any of you guitar players use Vox amps? I have a Vox AC30CC2. Its a nice amp and sounds great until use my Big Muff pedal. Im having a hard time getting a good soud when using the pedal.

Just thought Id see if anyone esle uses them.


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Traynor user here, although with the Ric you'd think that a Vox would be the perfect match...
What kind of Traynor do you have. I had a mark 4 and it was fantastic
Traynor Custom Valve 40T (but I'd much prefer a Vox)....

Most of my playing is acoustic (Martin HD-28)

Do you play live with the Vox?
I tried to but it sorta farted and sputtered so I replaced the tubes. No fartoing yet and we have a show next weekend so I hope it works!
I heard the Vox AC30 at a local music store and fell in love with the tone. I want one.:baby:
Which speakers? Vox or Celestion?
My concern would be why on earth would you use a big muff with it:D
I bought one when they were the craze in the late 70's. Didn't like it at all.
You could post your inquiry at Plexi Palace.
The knowledge base is phenomenal.

(I use mid 80's Hiwatt DR504 and vintage 70's Marshall 4x12 cab. For a practice amp I bought an Ibanez Valbee. 5 whole watts of tube tone)
Its got the Vox speakers in it. There is one at the local store with Alnico Blues in it but of course its $1999. :)

I LOVE the sound of the Big Muff. I have never found another pedal that sounds as good as it does.

I actually joined the plexi palace forum a few weeks ago. Alot of info on there for sure!

I really wanted a nice Hiwatt with a Marshall cab but man oh man are they expensive. I use a Traynor TS-10 for my practice amp and when I play by myself. I have a bottle cap pick-up attached to my acoustic with red duct tape. I also use my Big Muff when I play by myself. With the bottle cap pick up it sounds awesome.
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