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The last machines to have Voice/Fax/Data modems internally are the older PowerMacs which accepted the Supra Gold/Platinum models.

Internal modems on G3/G4 Macs are not Voice compatible. However, there are some scattered reports that some modems were voice compatible; the trick is you can't tell which (possibly Apple used an alternate supplier when the regular manufacturer couldn't meed demand).

USRobotics make Voice modems which are Mac-compatible. Megaphone was purchased a few times by companies that didn't suppport it well, but since about a year ago it is now a standalone company dedicated to producting Voice functional SW.

The OSX port is currently in beta. It looks like computer telephony may be on the way back, but since the new MegaPhone corp is quite small, there's still room for setbacks.

In any case, you would be best off to remove the internal modem, sell it, and replace the internal port with an external Serial Port from Griffin. Then use an external modem known to work with telephony. USB modems may also be supported, but you would have to check with MegaPhone when the app is mature to be sure.

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