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VNC mac and PC - any thoughts?

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Hi everyone,

I'm running a mac and a PC in my house and I want to VNC into both of them. Has anyone done this out there?

I'm using Apple's built-in VNC feature for my mac and still deciding what to use for the PC. I'm using Chicken and the VNC for my clent.

Also - does anyone know about port forwarding through my router for this?

Kind of a newbie in this area so any help would be appreciated.
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ok i use the same set up
port 5900 is what VNC uses
i just set the router to forward a set ext port to 5900 for the workstaions ip
ie =
then when asked for the ip or server i enter and the router sends that to the workstaion that it is set for 5901

as for what VNC software i use on the PC i use ultraVNC dont know why i just like it

Hope that helps
(if it sounds like i have had no sleep it iis because i have had no sleep)
Thanks so much that was the solution I was looking for. I'm using Chicken of the VNC for the client on my Mac - works great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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