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Connectix has released VPC 6.

New features include:

*Speed improvement
- up to 25% faster on Mac OS X
* Mac OS X Dock integration
* Enhanced back-up support in
Mac OS X
* Improved USB printing support for increased compatibility
* Video support for Apple's monitors, including the 23" Cinema Display
* Self-contained configurations; makes installation on several machines a snap.

The dock one is cool, your running Windows Apps show up in the dock, and you can access the start menu of your running Windows desktop right from the VPC icon in the dock (there is a picture of this on the product page.

It is also worth noting that the machines that you will see that "25%" speed increase need to have Mac OS X 10.2.3, L3 cache, and an NVIDIA GeForce or ATI Radeon video card.

Still, it looks like it could be a big improvement over VPC5.

Check out more at the Connectix VPC website

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