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I've virtually switched all services to Vidétron : cable (illico à la carte), Internet access (now 7mbs like our friend The Doug), and phone. In over 18 months now, I've had two service cuts on the internet access for something like minutes only.

Service has always been (surprisingly) very good --it certainly didn't used to be in the old cable service-only days!--, especially when trying to figure out how to connect all the digital services in the house, including competitor Vonage!!

Only tip I would leave you with --if it applies to you-- is the following : after any service cut (Videotron, Hydro, or your own doing playing with breakers in the house!), you need to reboot your services in a certain order (unplugging required). In my case, to illustrate:
- the Videotron Arris cable modem,
- then the Motorola Vonage device,
- finally my Apple Airport Express router.
- being patient between the three to make sure the services are started up correctly, of course.

Aside from this little techno maintenance that my wife hates, things are really great. And my techno bill is soo much less than in the Bell days.

When will I finally switch away from Bell definitely (I still have my cell phone service with Bell)?... When Rogers announces its prices for the iPhone!! :lmao:
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