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SquidSoft announced today a new version of SquidCam. From time to time people have posted asking about mac-to-mac video, and this looks to be a good solution, provided you have a fast connection. I haven't tried it myself.

I especially liked that it appears you can use most DV camcorders as your video source.

You need both clients running SquidCam for it to work.

There are also some links and hints for those who have driver problems; for example they mention that the iBot apparently has a "universal" firewire driver.

It's not clear from the site, but it may well be possible to use the demo versions for both (or more, it supports many simultaneous streams, a video conference call if you will) connections. In any case, it's not terribly expensive at $US 25 (single user license; multi-licensing available).

If anyone is interested, check out:

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