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While working in the Mac industry, one of the questions I commonly heard from people was, "How do I create an iTunes Store account without a credit card?" This was often by parents who had purchased an iPod Touch for their kids and wanted them to be able to download free programs without having the risk of having their credit card on file and the possibility of their kids racking up a huge bill, which has been a topic in the news lately.

Many of you Mac experts often get the question as well from customers or from friends and family because well... you're the Mac expert!

Now you have a simple video tutorial you can point them to that will show them how its done:

Here are the steps written out:

  1. Go into the iTunes Store on your Mac or PC
  2. Go into the "Apps" section of the store
  3. Click on the link to download one of the Free applications
  4. Click the "Create New Account" button in the pop-up window
  5. Click continue on the "Welcome to iTunes" sceen
  6. Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and click continue
  7. Enter in your details on the next screen
  8. Beside the credit card options, click the "None" button.
  9. Fill in the rest of the details, and click continue.
That's it!
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